Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coach match!

Amanda Rogers. She lives in LA. She has been an actress, a producer, a director, and is most currently a playwright and screenwriter. Her ex-husband has a very successful one-man show. She said she was very impressed and inspired by the letter that I wrote (Shannon forwarded the letter to her). I explained my needs and goals to her and she responded by saying,
"Ok, this is great! When do you want to workshop your piece?"
"I don't know, I was thinking like, this summer?"
"Um, I was thinking more like, March. I think you need to push yourself a little if you want to get the ball rolling. So go ahead and find a theater, book a date before March 15th and let me know!"
"Whoa. Um, that's really soon."
"10 weeks is plenty of time."
"Great, talk to you next week!"

I hung up a little stunned. But motivated. I googled local SF theaters and started emailing inquiries. Just heard back from the Phoenix Theater today. They have March 17th available.
March 17th is it!

Now off to croak my way through new years eve gig...

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