Friday, December 23, 2011

Coach search

Vanessa, my sister from another mister, has been encouraging me to look into getting a (omg am I really admitting this) life coach. She's been seeing one for a year now and swares by it in terms of meeting goals and getting shit done in a timely manner. Since my anxious flutter meltdown to mwd, I've been thinking it might be helpful to have someone to check-in with about my project and keep me on track. Vanessa suggested that I try out her coach, Shannon Ratay. Since the trial session was free, I decided to go for it...and...I loved it. It was not new-agey, it was not cheesy, it was not airy-fairy; Shannon was very down to earth, direct, encouraging, and responded enthusiastically to what my goals were. She called me back the next day and said she would love to work with me BUT she felt like there was a coach who was a better match for the goals I had in mind. She put a search out to her "coaching community" (is that what it's called??) and got several responses. So let the trial sessions begin...this is really weird.
Oh, I have gotten $400 dollars in donations from my mom's cousin and two other adult friends from my childhood. Woohoo!
Winter break, and I am as sick as a dog. Total bummer because I have to sing at this new years eve gig and my voice is completely gone. I hope it heals in the next week but I'm sensing that would be a christmas miracle. In the meantime, I am literally on forced rest.

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