Monday, December 19, 2011

First Response!

...from a good friend's mom. It made me cry.

On Dec 19, 2011, at 8:03 PM, Julia Brayshaw wrote:

Dear Heather!
Shivers are running through my body as I read this and feel your passion and conviction through your words. I am so very honored that you included me in this! I bow to your powers of transmutation and your courage, and I whole-heartedly believe in your deep healing. And I am so grateful to you for saying yes to the big work of alchemizing this trauma... thereby offering it to all of us for our collective, transpersonal healing. I am grateful to you for the mirror that you are holding, reflecting back my own powers of transmutation...for the mirror you are holding for all of us revealing this place of deep conviction and the depths of our true power.
Of course I am contributing to this. How can I answer your giant yes - to life! - with anything less than a YES!? The work you are undertaking is so, so, so, needed (has been so needed for so long) and its time is now!
Your writing is beautiful...I will watch the video...
whoa, I was feeling like I was about to go to sleep before I read this, now I am coursing with electricity.
Heather, may I remind you that you are in the middle (right now!) of your Saturn return -like Dayna, like Camillia - and like for the others in your amazing little "soul group", this is no small thing because Pluto (the dark forces, raw evolutionary force, death/rebirth, the power of transmutation) is part of this also (as is your path of destiny and it is co-inciding with a big, big time for us collectively, and, and...I could go on and on...but, in short, I'm amazed to see how you are undertaking this huge rite of passage...). So, I just had to include that little footnote in case you wanted the astrological perspective. ;-)
Ok, so that's all for now; you can count on me to be making a contribution, and to be cheering you on and holding you in my thoughts and prayers.
With love and respect,

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