Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stringing it togeths!

We are starting to put the piece together! We are, we are, we really are. I have archived the writing I don't like and the remaining writing is now to a complete enough place that it can be strung together. I mean, I think it could definitely use some editing but my director said not to worry about this right now. My director asked me if I could describe imagistically what I saw my piece looking like. The first thing I saw was an accordian opening and closing. Then I saw one of those flip-down pamphlets where the pages keep unflapping. I want my piece to be strung together through different glimpses and flavors of my rape while following a central story arc. My director said she didn't know anything about story arc which makes me a bit concerned but we agreed to have a first pass through and go from there. This is how the process goes:
Director: "um what about this part going first?"
Heather: "Ok, yeah, I was just thinking that."
Director: "Ok cool. Does any blocking come up for you."
Heather: "Yeah, what about this."
Director: "Yeah, I was just thinking that."
Heather: "You were not!"
Director: "Yes I was."
Heather: "We are such freaks. Ok, so what about this part going next?"
Director: "Ok. I was just thinking that too."
Heather: "You were not!"
Director: "Shut up. Yes I was."
On a financial note, I have totally used up all my extra money paying her for her services so I'm going to write a letter (and include a link to my most recent performance) to just a few friends and family to ask them if they would be interested in supporting my show through donations. I told my director about my plans and she kindly offered to edit the email as well as edit trailer of my video. She also told me that she felt like this show was going to be a success so that she was ok to work on spec for now and get paid back later. Ugh, I hate owing people money. It really puts me on edge.  So I am struggling with the fact that I have to trust that there is going to be a financial return and that I will be able to pay her back at some point.

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