Thursday, September 29, 2011

1st meeting with director

Yeah! It went really well! The director came to my place. She had on a cute black A-line dress and converse. She is 53 but she looks ten years younger. To begin, she asked me to just read some of my writing from the rape. Within the first few sentences she was cracking up and saying that she liked my writing a lot. I basically read my writing for two hours to give her a sense of the story. She asked questions and then asked me to write some more on certain parts of the rape; feelings, textures, more personal narrative around the emotional terrain of being raped. I said I'd give it a go. When she left I called her house and left her a voicemail saying that I really had a great time working with her.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New job

Started my new job today. I am the head music teacher at The Alta Vista School (grades pre-k through 2nd) in SF's mission district. I have never taught music to kids in a classroom setting before, (only individual lessons) so I was beyond nervous. The kids were loud, boisterous and talked back. I couldn't remember any of their names and my voice wobbled when I sang. The classrooms were small and the teachers remained in the room during my session which didn't help my nervousness. I left completely overloaded, overstimulated and with kids songs stuck in my head.  This always happens with a new job (well, minus the kids songs). Learning curves take awhile to catch up to. At least I'm making money at a legit job. Before this it was unemployment, occasional nannying, and private lessons.