Sunday, December 11, 2011

The hustle and flow

December has been so hectic and busy! I have the all-school Christmas concert in 5 days and all the teachers are on edge with getting it perfect for the parents. I have been non-stop rehearsing with the kids for a month now and they are so beyond sick of singing the same songs over and over again. I can't wait for the concert to be over and to have two weeks off! Meanwhile, I've started up another babysitting gig with my buddy Alex Alouf. Her parents are going through a separation and Alex could use some extra support. I don't really have the time for it but I truly adore this girl. I've been with her for almost five years now and she doesn't have that many close friends at school so I want to be there for her. My private lesson clientele has also increased and now I am teaching ten kids. Oh and band practice has picked up! Did I mention I'm in a band? Winchester Revival (not too stoked about the name). Think Mazzy Star meets Radiohead meets The Police-ish-ish-ish. I play violin, write lyrics and sing. So I'm now rehearsing 4 days out of the week: 2x with my band, 2x on my show. Gotta hustle to make it all happen and somehow still pay the bills. This artist lifestyle is not so glamorous as evidenced by the pile of dishes in my sink piling ever higher...

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