Monday, January 30, 2012

Title: Heather Got Raped?; Berkeley performance space; sound and lighting design

Ok so I am in the midst of a title crisis. Mwd and I think the piece should be called, Heather Got Raped. This is based on a dream that I had where this woman gave me this thick book and it was titled, you were raped. I shared this title with some close friends, whose opinions I trust and nobody, not a single person liked it! Except for my ex-boyfriend... The general consensus is that it's too caustic and will turn off the average theater go-er. Here are the other suggestions:

Bay to Rapers
Must've been what I was wearing
Nobody asks for it
RAsPbErries: a rape tale
Go get Seth

I don't like any of these. I still like Heather Got Raped the best.

I have made it through about 15 memorized pages of the piece at berkeley performance space. Memorizing: this is what my life has become these days. No going out, no listening to music on my commute, no watching my weekly shows on It's all memorizing these days. The piece is fully strung together though! Now we are going through it again and feeling out blocking cues. I have been having trouble with the blocking that we've come up with in a lot of the sections; it doesn't feel natural. Mwd suggested that we go though the piece and for me to imagine like I am actually there, like I am in the moment of the things I am performing about. The difference was immediate. I felt so much for comfortable in the scenes. Now we are going through the piece with this approach and changing the blocking a LOT.
I found a sound designer through mwd who is charging me a reasonable fee. Plus a lighting designer who said he would do my lighting for free because I am a friend of a friend. Sweet deal. I sent out evites too. Omg, it's really happening.

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