Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bigger chunks at Berkeley performance space; sound design

I'm now performing 20 minute chunks of my piece at the Berkeley performance space. Mwd emailed me feedback saying that my last performance was really strong and that she could feel my sass, coolness and vulnerability. Thank god for mwd. I really hope that I can start to pay her soon; she deserves it. The memorization is still not all the way there. I still find myself going into my head to try and recall a line which takes me out of the story. Amanda says that I should be running the piece from memory in it's entirety as much as possible from this point on. That feels like a tall order. At least the blocking is done for now. We took the last three days to do a rough sound and lighting design of the piece. I have supermario music stuck in my head! I sent off the piece with cues to Gregg (lighting design) and Edna (sound design) for our upcoming dress rehearsal. I'm relieved that I decided to stop all work except teaching. I need all the time I can get.

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