Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 glorious days of memorizing all day every day; sound design

Mid-winter break. All of my private lesson clients were fine with the break in music lessons. I did lose one nannying family. Understandable. This entire week I have been doing nothing but memorizing all effing day. I'm about 75% done. I am getting nautious memorizing in my apartment so I've been going on walks, going to Baker beach, Ocean Beach, Golden Gate park to memorize in nature. I found this cool memorizing tool online, you put all the material you want to work on into this conversion application and what you get is the first letter of every word you are trying to memorize. This approach has helped me get the initial skeleton of each section down and then I return to looking at the text and going from there. But oh my god is there nothing worse than memorizing. I guess actors and actresses just get used to it and their technique grows stronger the more roles they have.

I met with the sound designer, Edna and we went over my sound ideas for my piece. I'm going to use supermario music. I asked her to compile all the supermario music she can find and burn me a disc so Mwd and I can start creating the soundtrack for the piece.

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