Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new piece pretty much sucks

Just back from class. Ok, I am totes not happy with my piece. Like, at all. But we are at week 4 already and I don't know how to change it without starting over or taking it in a different direction. This piece feels too forced. It's like I am trying too hard to make jokes about the rape and not say how I really felt about the whole ordeal at the inspector's office: scared shitless. But to be honest and vulnerable would completely change the tone of the piece. I think? Plus I get freaked out that if I choose to take this tone, the audience will see me as a fucked-up, attention-seeking victim. Which I am not. Plus my onstage physicality. Ugh, so disorganized. Martha doesn't really give much direction in this arena so I am just bumbling along, trying to come up with movement that fits but isn't too influenced from my previous mentor, who BTW, I am still NOT talking to!!

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